Jehosophat and Ahab Alliance

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Warning: groaner alert!

In a previous Discipleship Bible Training class, we were discussing how there was some sort of camaraderie between King Jehosophat of the Southern Kingdom (Judah) and King Ahab of the Northern Kingdom (Israel). This was one of the few times that the kings of the two kingdoms cooperated and worked together.

But what struck me for the first time was profound! As the two were debating going to war together against a common enemy, it was Jehosophat who asked Ahab to borrow his prophets to get their advice. Not that Jehosophat didn’t have his own prophets, but he felt it would be beneficial and comforting to get the same advice from his comrade.

Realizing this unique occurrence made me believe that this was the first instance of…


Patagonia 8K

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Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy a short video of the rough and rugged terrain of Chili and Argentina. This is a particularly well done video that offers a pleasant pause to our daily chaos.

The Dangers of Social Media

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Parents and grandparents: you need to watch this video to learn how easy it is for a pedophile to convince young children to meet with them. You may have warned your kids. You may have taught them. You may have reminded them. You may have admonished them to never meet with a stranger, let alone get into a stranger’s car. Yet with all of that, these girls could not resist social media’s siren song.

The test in this video was done with the permission of these 3 girls’ parents. This should be a wakeup call for all parents of young impressionable trusting children.

Home Depot Commercial

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Damn I Missed Again

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Richard Sidney – Expedition Photography

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Take a few minutes to relax with this intimate view of the Artic and Antarctica.


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