The Art of Log Piling


This scene with the owl must have taken the artist so long to plan and put together. All of the different types and cuts of wood make for a very detailed piece of art. The moon actually looks like it’s glowing.

While this design is a little more basic, it’s no-less cool than the other ones. It seems like it might be a little more practical in the winter, too.

This spiral looks really cool. It must be interesting to see it deconstructed in the winter as more and more of the logs are used. I would personally have a hard time taking apart something that looks so interesting.

The wood-piling artists are getting very creative. I love how this one uses old wooden wheels to give their work an extra interesting element.
tacked firewood art.

This dog might not look very impressed by this fish-shaped wood pile, but we sure are. I think the stump that makes up the eye might be my favorite part.

This one is incredible! Let’s just hope that the paint used isn’t flammable.

It’s probably a little easier to get your kids to help stack wood when they know it’ll result in an adorable little house for them to play make-believe with. This is way too cute.

This colorful stack is sure to look amazing once winter hits. Just imagine those pops of color against the white snow!

Wow! This wood pile was made to look like the King and Queen of Norway. The detail that the artists captured are actually mind-blowing. You could stare at this one forever trying to figure out how they stacked the wood.

I love this one. Some of the piles look like little huts while others look like giant acorns.

This artist blended their wood stack right into the exterior of their home. It looks nice, and it will keep them from having to go far for more firewood once the winter hits. It’s pretty and practical.

This ring made out of logs is hypnotizing to look at. It must have taken a great amount of patience to build.

Owl mosaics seem to be pretty popular in the wood piling community. I love how beautiful all of the different woods look in the first one. And how cute is the owl peaking out from the snow in the second one?

While this stack is a little more abstract, it’s still a perfect example of how many colors and textures can be used. I’m not sure what this one is supposed to be, but I see a giant leaf.


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