A State Trooper pulled an 87 year old woman over for speeding. As he looked at her driver’s license he was surprised to notice that attached to it was a conceal weapon permit. Taken aback, he couldn’t help but ask if she had a gun in her possession.

She replied in her crackly voice that she indeed did have a 45 automatic in her glove compartment.

The trooper then asked if she had any other weapons to which she replied that she also had a 9mm Glock in her center console.

The shocked trooper asked if that was all and the little old lady held up her purse and replied, "Well, I do keep a 38 special in my purse."

Finally the astonished trooper asked, "What are you afraid of?

The little old lady smiled and replied, "Not a freakin’ thing."


~ by yougottobekidding on March 30, 2016.

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