Why Texans Smile So Much


They have it for anyone who wants to try it… but only in Texas.

Houston, Texas
Houston, TX

We came across this sign in Canyon lake, Tx ... Too funny! P.S. We saw the dam, not the judge!
Canyon Lake, TX

Out in West Texas :)
Waaaay out in west Texas

Gotta love Texas!!!!


Only in Texas


You Know You're A Texan When . . .

Use your manners in Austin, Texas
Use your manners in Austin

Houston....full of grace

El Arroyo. If you haven't seen the famous El Arroyo sign yet, get in your car right now and drive down West 5th Street. Then pop in for some delicious Tex-Mex and strong margaritas.

a saddle swing!

Welcome to Austin.
Welcome to Austin

1. Kayak the Medina River Winding through tunnels of towering bald cypress trees on its way to Bandera, the Medina River doesn't get the crowds that flock to the Guadalupe River. So you have most of it to yourself as you spend a couple of hours of bliss in a kayak rented from the Medina River Company, 830/796-3600.
Kayaking the Medina River

Paris, Texas - Home to the
Second biggest Paris with the 2nd largest Eiffel Tower

FACT Texas is the ONLY state that can fly it's flag the same height as the U.S. flag!

How BIG is Texas?

We made a Buzzfeed list on Texas Summer Fun!
"Once it’s after noon, it’s time to start adding America’s best vodka to that tea."

Longhorns under pecan trees. That's about as Texan as it gets. TexasGotItRight.com
Longhorns under pecan trees. That’s about as Texan as it gets.

Ghost Town, This looks like Lamar... maybe a looooong time ago?!?!? so cool!
Ghost Town, this looks like Lamar… maybe a looooong time ago?

Plano Bridge in Dubina, Texas. Granny and I used to drive over this thing just to hear the plinking. I was so sad to learn that they made it safer; it doesn’t have the same zing… make that pling!


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