Memory Lane – Way Back When

I got these from a friend via Email. I could not find any attribution as to where they came from, who took the photos, nor any copyright notices on them. So I’m sharing for now but may have to pull this post down or delete some of the pictures if some indeed turn out to be copyrighted.

A 1947 photo, Cary Grant donned a skirt to protest Katharine Hepburn wearing slacks during rehearsals for the radio broadcast of The Philadelphia Story.

Jayne Mansfield

4-H Girls Convention, Iowa State College 1941

George W. Bush on a field trip with his dad, George H.W. Bush, to the oil fields outside Midland, TX, circa 1955. -from the George W. Bush Library.

Wall Street suicide 1929

On this day in 1968, Mister Rogers welcomed us to his neighborhood for the first time. We are all better for it.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

The Yellow Cab Company unveils its new rumble seat taxis, 1940, Chicago. These custom cars were built to allow passengers to see the city’s sites more easily.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Levi’s advertising catalog, 1905

Ty Cobb (1911) Detroit Tigers

Iron Hawk (Chetan Maza), Oglala Lakota, 1899

tumblr_monkz2CcQe1qg8r34o1_500.jpgThe Three Stooges…in and out of character…great photo!

tumblr_mae1rtccNV1r1c99io1_500.jpgA 1949 Styleline De Luxe Convertiblewas the 22-millionth Chevrolet.

tumblr_minczcoiAj1qf1hu0o1_500.jpg7 Dwarfs Publicity Tour 1938

tumblr_n1q3jcsMSP1rr6g40o1_500.jpgDale Evans and Roy Rogers


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2 Responses to “Memory Lane – Way Back When”

  1. Does Roy Roger remind you a little of Patrick Swayze?

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