We’re on the Eve of Distraction

Here are 30 websites that you can use to absolutely waste your entire day then some. Warning: hours can pass and you will not know where the time went. Enter at your own risk. The 2048 game is especially addicting.

http://www.stumbleupon.com Browse random websites according to your interests
http://htwins.net/scale2 See how big things in the universe are. Hard to use because there is no banana for scale
http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/ The most addicting game I’ve played this week
http://www.magiceye.com The trippiest shit ever if you manage to actually do it.
http://showyou.com/c/popular Best videos of the moment from across the web. They also have a sick mobile app.
http://www.bestofyoutube.com Similar to the above one except it’s only from YouTube and you might end up on one that’s old but gold.
http://yupthatexists.com Stuff that you never really thought about but they actually exist
http://www.theuselessweb.com Most fun uselessness ever
http://www.fallingfalling.com What is happening? Is it getting deeper or not?
http://pointlessdiagrams.com I actually don’t know why this exists but I spent way too long on this
http://onetinyhand.com Someone Photoshopped these to make people have tiny hands
http://nowthatsinteresting.net Interesting stuff
http://www.playalterego.com/alterego Be whoever you want to be…
http://hereistoday.com Shows you how insignificant we all are.
http://1000lifehacks.com Stuff you look at and might use/do but forget about the next day and will end up never using.
http://www.internetlivestats.com How much stuff is happening on the internet?
http://www.dontclick.it Who knew clicking a mouse was actually useless?
http://foodgawker.com Look at delicious food pictures and search anything you want. They have the recipe of everything.
http://en.akinator.com This motherfucker will guess any celebrity (real or fictional) you throw at him.
http://www.ebizarre.com Things you don’t need to know about lots of subjects you don’t care about.
http://world.time.com/timelapse/ Look at a time-lapse of places on earth over a few decades in satellite view.
http://imgur.com Never, EVER, go on this website unless you want it to consume your life.
http://wallbase.cc/toplist Wallpapers. Lots of them.
http://www.thinkgeek.com Buy geek stuff
http://bingebuyr.com Buy even more stuff
http://www.20q.net 20 questions – can you stump it?
http://www.bromygod.com Funny stuff
http://zoomquilt2.madmindworx.com/zoomquilt2.swf It never stops zooming. Or does it?
http://www.goodthingsshouldneverend.co.uk/flash/go There’s a really cool pot of gold at the bottom
http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspacesolarsystem.html More things to make us see how insignificant we are!

~ by yougottobekidding on April 4, 2014.

3 Responses to “We’re on the Eve of Distraction”


  2. Haha! Not my son. My boss used my laptop to post that and it looks like he’s my son. It is a great website though!!!

    • I try to give credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, most of these come to me via Email without attribution so there is not much I can do about that. I just share the ones that bring a smile to my face or offer interesting perspectives on life.

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