I Can’t Come to Work Today Because…

Note: Naubinway, MI is on the north shore of Lake Michigan on Route US-2 about 49 miles west of the Mackinaw Bridge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Hello, Boss

I can’t come to work today. A moose was born on my front lawn and the Mama won’t let us out the front door! Baby Moose, 12-hours old, born in the middle of downtown Naubinway, MI.

In my 33 years in Michigan ‘s Upper Peninsula, I have never seen a new-born baby moose. The mother picked a small quiet neighborhood and had her baby in a front yard, near Highway # 2, at 5:30 AM. Allen and I were bike riding when we came upon the pair. The lady across the street from the house said she saw it being born. We saw them at 5:30 PM, so the little one was then 12 hours old. What an awesome place to live!

"Makes it really tough to use the front door!"


~ by yougottobekidding on February 4, 2013.

One Response to “I Can’t Come to Work Today Because…”

  1. So cute 😀

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