Parenting ala Brown Bears

A brown bear’s parenting method snapped in Ukraine’s Simferopol Zoo.

Whatever it was that the little bear had done to incur his mother’s wrath remains a mystery. But the chances are that he won’t do it again.

This astonishing series of pictures illustrates how, in the world of the brown bear, there are no agonized disputes over corporal punishment of children.

A baby bear made his mother angry. She tried to explain something to him in the corner, and then shook him by the neck.

How many times have I told you not to do that: She pins him in the corner for a dressing down. First, the mother glares angrily at her son as he stands a few feet away looking guilty and sheepish. Within seconds he is backed into a corner with a terrified expression as she roars her disapproval. Shortly afterward, he finds himself airborne after she seizes him by the scruff of the neck and propels him from side to side.

Perhaps THIS will teach you a lesson: She picks him up by the scruff of the neck and swings him around.

A word in your ear: the crestfallen cub approaches his mother. Sorry Mom!

Never mind Mommy loves you! He gets a bear-hug to show the row is over. However, the fierce encounter comes to a peaceful conclusion when Mummy, who weighs the best part of 550 lbs (250 kg), gently hugs him to her chest to reassure him that all is forgiven.


~ by yougottobekidding on September 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Parenting ala Brown Bears”

  1. Wow! I was a little taken aback when the cub was being swung around, but the hug at the end is what really gets ya! 🙂

  2. Should we, or should we not, take example from Mama Bear? jajaja/Lol

  3. I am wondering : What he did?! 🙂

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