Things You Just Don’t See Every Day


~ by yougottobekidding on July 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “Things You Just Don’t See Every Day”

  1. Fantastic photographs. I’d appreciate if the photographers were credited or, at least, the photo was identified.

    • Unfortunately, these generally come to me from friends without any source or photographer credit info. If such info is included, I most certainly pass it along. If I find a photo marked as copyrighted, I won’t publish it as I want to honor the copyright request of the creator. If there is something copyrighted and I really want to use it, I will seek out the copyright holder and get his/her written permission first before publishing.

  2. A couple of attributions, if you are interested….
    The ant and water drop is entitled “The Ants Dream!” and is by Rakesh Rocky.
    The 5 children in the long canoe-type boat is by CK NG, entitled “Life In Semporna # 1.”
    Both are posted at

    • I am always looking for attributes. In most cases, friends send these to me without any kind of notation about where they originated or who did the work. So if you know the creator/author, by all means give them the praise they deserve.

      Also, I try really hard to keep anything marked as copyrighted out of this blog unless I have written permission from the author to use it. If someone created a work then marked it as , I will do my best to honor that request. If something slips thru, let me know and I will immediately pull it.

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