Amazing Sight in the South Pacific

This one is a bit old, originally posted in 2006. I had not seen it before so I thought I’d pass it along.



A yacht was traveling in the south Pacific when the crew came across a weird sight. Look at these photos and try to imagine the thrill of experiencing this phenomenon.

A beach?

No: this is not a beach.

It is volcanic stones floating on the water.

But where is the volcano?

Unbelievable site, so take pictures to prove it is true else no one would believe it.

The wake of my ship

Stay on the edge of the water then this was spotted: ash and steam rising from the ocean.

And, while we were watching…

…a plume of black ash…huge cloud, covering red even this far away.

Then the sky turns black with ash and the ocean gold with suns reflection.

Out of the ocean mountain peaks arise.

More eruptions ash and clouds.

The mountain peaks rise higher within minutes.

A brand new island formed.

Creation of mountains.

Can you imagine the thrill of being the first and only people to see a new island being created where there was nothing before?


~ by yougottobekidding on April 7, 2012.

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  1. How I wish i could be there

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